Saints of Holtzmann's Corridor

Here I am building a collection of tales (a hagiography) of the 
Saints who have Shined Forth in Holtzmann's Corridor.

Saint Canton of Chapolco
The venerable Canton, a monk of the monastery of St Andrew the Apostle, was once captured by pirates while traveling to Chapolco to start a new monastery. He reproached them sharply for their thievery and warned them in Christ's name not to harm the passengers or crew. This threw the pirates into a rage and they began to beat Canton. After suffering tortures, he was finally cast out of the airlock to die in space. 
Miraculously, the Saint walked right back into the ship, appearing before the pirate captain and the astonished crew. He forgave them for their violence towards him, and at this the captain threw himself at the Saint's feet, and begged him to teach them all the Christian faith. Many of the former pirates became monks, and they settled at Chapolco, establishing a house that became a famous monastery.

Saint Pyotr of Dorothua, Bishop and Martyr
After preaching the Gospel and establishing parishes in secret on Dorothua, Pyotr suffered persecution for many months before he was finally arrested and brought to trial before the Warlord, who was vehemently pagan. There he boldly professed Christ as King and Lord of all, whereupon the Warlord became enraged and ordered him to be executed in a gas chamber. Pyotr stood for over an hour in prayer, breathing in the deadly fumes without ill effect, even when the soldiers sent in to retrieve him were overcome by the toxic gas. Pyotr then received the crown of martyrdom at the hands of a firing squad. His relics were recovered by the faithful and interred beneath the altar he established. Many soldiers and officials witnessed his miraculous survival and secretly converted to Christianity.

Mother Xenia of Westfell (Chapolco); Fool for Christ's sake

Xenia was married for 50+ years to a pious man, but they were saddened by the burden of childlessness. After her husband reposed, the sorrow of his loss, and of never having borne children drove her from her home and she lived in a public park, apparently out of her mind, for the rest of her life. The park was a popular spot in the city for young children to play. Xenia would play on the playground like a little child, and pray for the children and their mothers. Over time she began speaking to the mothers, often about situations with the children which she could not have known about. On several occasions she guided police and parents to lost or missing children. A rich man's son was abducted and Xenia led the police directly to the kidnappers. The father gave her a rich reward, which she gave away.
Over twenty years, she gave advice, counsel and admonition to thousands of children and parents. By her prayers wayward children returned to the Faith. She prophesied when sons would become priests or children would be martyrs. When she reposed in peace, her funeral was attended by 10,000 mourners. She is regarded as the patron saint of the children of Chapolco.

St. Lawrence of Dekalb, Wonderworker
Fr. Lawrence served a commercial passenger liner as chaplain, and travelled about the Corridor for many years. It once came to pass that his liner came under attack by Tabrazian raiders, who threatened to destroy the ship. Fr. Lawrence gathered passengers in the tiny chapel and led them in prayer, reminding them to trust in God for their safety. The raiders fired into the ship, and the bolt struck the chapel, opening the bulkhead to space, and killing Fr. Lawrence. Gasping for air, the passengers saw that Fr. Lawrence's lips continued to move in prayer. Then from his mouth blew forth a great stream of warm air, filling the chapel so the people could breathe. Despite the hole in the hull, the chapel remained full of air until the raiders were driven off and the hull patched.
The story of Fr. Lawrence's miraculous saving of the passengers was spread abroad and he was soon after glorified as a saint, and protector of those in danger from shipboard decompression. His icon is found aboard many ships.
Game Note: Any starship which has space reserved as a chapel can dedicate it to St. Lawrence. If this is done with pious intention (Referee's determination) then that chapel will never suffer the effects of Explosive Decompression in space combat. A character without a vacc suit can take refuge in the chapel and be safe. 

St. Cuthbert

St. Oswin of Mavramorn

The Miraculous Icon of Vaasa (Kemasiik)

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