Path of the Lioness campaign notes

Federation Science Vessel Lioness

400 ton Type-L Laboratory ship

Player Characters:

Captain Aboard  Baron Josiah Greene, played by my older son
XO/Chief of Security General Zeke Mason, played by my younger son

Non-player Characters:
Diego, the pilot
Dame Yoriko, the chief engineer
Sir Marcus Dice, engineer
Dr. John Marx, surgeon
Vince Arnn, steward
Carter Dillingham, security
Wally Plenko, pinnace pilot
'Big Al' Hardy, security
Professor Svetlana Sullivan, scientist

Captain Josiah Greene was born into a wealthy family. While he was in school his father, serving in the Federation Navy, was decorated for gallantry and elevated to a Barony. When Josiah came  of age, he followed his dream of becoming a biologist. During his scientific career, he discovered nine new plant species and was rewarded with a knighthood for services to science. He has since inherited his father's title as Baron. When he left the formal scientific service at age 34, he acquired a laboratory ship to continue his work.

Federation Space

Dark Green is the Federation, Green stripes are non-aligned worlds

Planet List

Name Starport UPP TL Allegiance
Asgard A ABA774 A Non-Aligned World
Bednarek A 334333 A The Federation
Blitheod B 552449 A The Federation
Brokossov C 756535 4 The Federation
Dumai C 257445 9 The Federation
Eormense C 966111 6 The Federation
Grimoidil E 221669 3 The Federation
Hephaestia A 111ABA G Non-Aligned World
Kalves B 543344 8 The Federation
Klah E 572443 6 The Federation
Maulus B 337688 A The Federation
Mavellar C 434142 B The Federation
Monjeera B 653777 A The Federation
Nindoral C 7988BE 8 The Federation
Nishikki B 222296 D The Federation
Pelletere B 655164 9 The Federation
Ramasi D 575364 6 The Federation
Skarnheim C 577644 3 Non-Aligned World
St Willhim A 555234 9 The Federation
Tanered D 8CA301 9 The Federation
Trentan B 9BA36A A The Federation
Troxxel C 0208DD 7 The Federation
Tundra B 76A978 E The Federation
Ursinis B 668774 7 The Federation
Zephlenn C 58A434 9 The Federation

On their first adventure, while locating rare plant samples on the wind and storm lashed world of Zephlenn, Josiah and Zeke discovered a cave with indecipherable writing around the entrance. Within they found a planetarium carved from the rock, and a small cylindrical device that projected a star field on the roof. On one wall was a colored carving of a pentagon, with a metal shield covering one fifth of the design.  
They eventually figured out that the projector was a map to another pentagon piece. While they were examining the cave, they received a distress call and went off to rescue some sailors whose boat was sinking. Upon their return, they were confronted by some mercenaries who caught them by surprise and stole the pentagon piece, but left the projector behind. Now they are on a quest to find the pieces of the pentagon, and what it all means.

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