Friday, March 25, 2016

The Birthday Plot - Amber Zone Reviews # 38

The Birthday Plot by Keith Douglas, from JTAS # 23

Location:Efate (Regina/SM 0105 A-646930-D) shortly after the end of the Fifth Frontier War.

Efate's celebration of the war's end

Patron:A dying man in an alley. He mumbles some semi-coherent words before dying, including a reference to a birthday plot. Now it's up to the PCs!

Mission:Discover what the dying man meant by his final words. Uncover the truth of the plot, and counter it.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Armed Groups in Traveller

From the stories I hear, some groups of Traveller PCs roam the galaxy armed to the teeth like bandit gangs of the old Wild West. I'm sure that's a lot of fun but where are all of the other people with guns?
Not an authorized law enforcement agent

The Random Encounters table indicates that many of the groups the PCs encounter may be armed, but what else could we know about them to make an encounter more rounded and adventure possible?

Speaking in Political Science terms, Armed Groups are those that "have the potential to use force to achieve political, economic or ideological goals, and that exist outside of the formal structure of a state". The Coast Guard is not an Armed Group, the Sinaloa Cartel is.