Tuesday, May 31, 2022

More Vehicles: Spy-class Armored Car

 Swiss MOWAG Spy Armored Car (TL-8, with some TL-9 bits)

Chassis: Light Ground Vehicle

Spaces: 10 (13,750Cr)

Crew: 3 (3 spaces)

Agility: +1

Speed (Speed Band/kph): Medium (109kph)/Slow (80kph)

Range: 435km (653km)

Hull: 20

Armor: 20/20/20 (1 space)

Traits: ATV (DM+2 to off-road drive checks)

Armament: Automated Ring Mount (750Cr) w/ One HMG (Rng-1km, Dmg-4D, Cost-4500Cr, Mag-100, Mag Cost-400Cr, Auto-3)