Thursday, June 28, 2018

Early model ATV

While I remain a CT guy, my son is delving into Mongoose Traveller (2nd ed). The Vehicle Handbook is his favorite supplement. We're collaborating to present a variety of vehicles that can be used in a Traveller game, whichever rules set you're using. Our hope is to make this a one-a-month post series. All designs using the Vehicle Handbook are available to use without attribution.*

Let's start off with a simple design, for a simple vehicle. If you want to go explore a new planet or, say, a moon, you need reliable transport.

Watch me pop a wheelie in this thing! Oh wait, forgot about low gravity . . .

CT description

The Paragon Personal Motors Type III Self-powered transport (TL 6) is a simple, rugged four-wheeled design that can be easily collapsed for stowage aboard ship. It is open-topped and unpressurized. The Type III is intended for off-road use. It has a range of 300 km, with an off-road max speed of 38 kph, and a max road speed of 50 kph. It is equipped with a Medium range communicator. The Type III carries two persons (one driver) and 10kg of cargo. It is powered by batteries which can be charged from a ship's power plant. Cr 10,950

MgT Description

Chassis: Light Ground Vehicle
Spaces: 3 (0.75dtns)
Crew/Passengers: 1/1 (2 spaces)
Speed: Slow (Very Slow)/50kph (30kph)
Range: 200km (300km)
Agility: +1
Hull: 6
Armor: 0/0/0
Traits: Open Vehicle, ATV (DM+2 when driving on rough terrain)
Armament: None
Equipment: Basic Controls, Basic Communication System (Rng-50km), Basic Sensors (Rng-1km, DM+0 to Electronics rolls)
Cost: 10,950Cr

Not that you would want to get into a fight in this open-topped vehicle, but if such a situation arises, then check out Omer Joel's Quick and Dirty CT Vehicle Combat rules. 

*I do not believe that the vehicles designed by this system can be independently copyrighted.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Signal 99

Signal GK


Signal 99

However it is expressed, this is the interstellar Call for Help. And Stellagama Publishing's newest adventure is all about answering that call! 

Available at DriveThruRPG
I've got mine! Review coming in a few days. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Autonomous Vehicles and Traveller

We postulate in this game a future in which we have all manner of fantastic technology, including robotics. When it comes to vehicles, we can have humaniform robots sitting in the operator's seat taking our place while driving us to work. Even better, the robot can become part of the vehicle - the self driving vehicle.
A civilian closed-top air/raft at TL8. Note the robotic controls.

A rare TL4 example of the Autonomous Vehicle. Note the robotic controls.

But we rarely see this in Traveller. Why? Is it that we want to be in the 'drivers' seat? That's the most likely explanation. We play these games to have adventures, to test our skills (in-game) and our playing skill (meta-game) against all the oddities and dangers the universe can throw at us. Why play it safe?