Starship Sibersk campaign notes

Meet the motley crew of the Starship Sibersk
Sadly, this game died almost as quickly as it began. Several of the players were college students, and when the semester got busy, Traveller (rightly) took a back seat. Then the summer came, and it was dead in space. Such is the way of things. Hey, we had a good time while it lasted.

Vladimir Gorky, Roboticist and Operator of the Sibersk
3458C7  Age 26  2 Terms, Scientist
Robotics-1, Jack of All Trades-1, Vacc Suit-1, Carousing-1, Revolver-0
Sketches of Dr. Gorki by his player

Baron Amir Nassir, Remittance Man
6557CC   1 Term Noble   Has +1D Court Influence
Leader-1, Tactics-1, Liaison-1, Admin-1

Mr. Charles Preston, former aircraft pilot and Nassir's 'muscle'
9C7A76  4 Terms, Flyer
Aircraft-2, Carbine-3, Wheeled Vehicle-1, Pilot-1, Survival-1

Mr. Jack Oldcastle, former Merchant officer and pilot
687CB3  4 Terms Merchants
Bribery-3, Pilot-2, Electronics-1, Computer-1, Steward-1, Vacc Suit-1, Carousing-1

"Slick Hands" Sammy - a rogue, who's useful in a fight
CB9864  3 Terms Rogues
Streetwise-1, Broadsword-1, contra-grav vehicle-1 

Gorky has an immobile engineering robot in the drive room:

The PCs have hired a number of NPC crewmen as well . . .

Navigator L. Barnaby 
A76A62 Age 38 5 terms Imperial Scouts

Pilot-x Navigation-x Mechanical-x Grav-x

Medic and backup pilot D. Imrehil
554AA6 Age 38 5 terms Lanzhou

Pilot-x Navigation-x Medical-x Admin-x

Engineer G. Hutton

844C76 Age 38 5 Terms Stavanger Navy

Ship's Boat-x, Engineer-x, Vacc Suit-x, JoT-x

Engineer R. Heimer
7B7BA4 Age 30 3 terms Free Trader Merchant

Brawling-x, Computer-x, Electronics-x, Engineering-x, Streetwise-x, Navigation-x

Oh, the places they'll go!

The Ship

PSW Sibersk
The Sibersk is a conventional design 400 ton Laboratory Ship. It mounts Jump Drive-D, Maneuver Drive C and Power Plant-F, for Jump-2 and 1G. The ship has a model/2 computer and needs 90 tons of fuel. There are 20 staterooms. The ship has two hardpoints but no weapons are installed. The ship carries two air/rafts and 1 40-ton pinnace. It can carry 23 tons of cargo, and has 85 tons of laboratory space, which is currently used by Dr. Gorki for designing and constructing robots.

Baron Nassir may be planning to conquer a planet. He's heard the story about the empty Dutchy of Holtzmann, and may try to fill it. 

Their first objective in the Corridor is tracking down an arms dealer called Bonsarin, who has stolen from the Faaborg Armory corporation facility on Holtzmann. The company rep won't tell them what exactly was stolen, and has instead given them a sensor device to confirm that they've found the right container. Bonsarin left Holtzmann ahead of them and rumor has it he's heading for Worosha. The PCs are on the trail, jumping into Schamel to avoid the dangerous Tartarus system. 

Exiting jump in Schamel, they are immediately set upon by a hostile shuttle, maneuvering to intercept. The crew allowed the pirates to board, then repulsed the boarders so overwhelmingly that the shuttle retreated, leaving the ship & crew unharmed.

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