Book 2 Space Combat Photos

I wrote about this particular battle here. These are photos I took.

The battle in progress. 
To graphically represent the battle, I use blank sheets of 1cm square grid paper. Each row of squares represents one 'range band' from the Starter Traveller rules set. Two sheets is enough to cover Long range, and the typical detection distance of 60 range bands. (ST Rules booklet, p. 41) As the ships move, I re-arrange the sheets in the direction of movement.
In the photo above, the PC's ship, the FNS Audacity is at the far right, covered by a red counter, representing a missile hit. Gray counters are the Audacity's missile flights, the yellow counters are the missile flights of the bogeys. Blue and green counters are small craft attached to the bogeys. The bogeys are black-on-white. The small craft were not a significant factor in the battle. Audacity's laser batteries took them out quickly.

Bogeys One and Two, and an armed shuttle

The Audacity's missiles make contact.

The Audacity faces a missile barrage, and is saved by ECM

That yellow counter there brought Bogey One to an end.

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