Friday, July 17, 2020

A Cepheus Light Vehicle Chase

Rance, Edith and Halls are in a Rambler, a light wheeled ATV. Rance was following up a rumor about a Glorious Empire installation out in the distant back woods of Mardahak. What they found instead was an old factory in ruins and an ambush. They are fleeing from a group of brigands in a pickup truck. The brigands are pursuing them hoping to steal the Rambler. Edith drives off of the dirt road and across the scrub and grass choked fields.

TL 7, Wheeled Vehicle, Kcr 25, AGL +0, Speed 110 kph, Crew 1 Psg 4
Light dmg 6, Critical dmg 10 No weapons, Open, 200 kg cargo
2 shooters, 1 revolver, 1 pistol JoT-1, DM -2
TL 6 Wheeled Vehicle, Kcr 7, AGL +0, Speed 160 kph, Crew 1 Psg 2
Light dmg 4, Critical dmg 7 No weapons, Open, 500 kg cargo
2 shooters, 1 rifle, 1 carbine Driver-1, DM +1

The numbers:
Halls and Rance are in the Open cargo bed of the Rambler, with no cover. The brigands are behind the cab of the pickup, so they have light cover, DM -1.
Rance gets a +2 to hit, Halls gets a +1. Both brigands get a +1. The Aiming action is not possible, nothing stays still long enough.

The brigands are targeting the Rambler, to stop their escape. Rance and Halls are aiming at the brigands who are shooting at them.

Rance and Halls get a DM -1 for firing from a moving vehicle. The brigands get a DM -2 to hit a moving vehicle, and a DM -1 for firing from a moving vehicle.
Rance: +2-1-1= DM -0; Halls +1-1-1= DM -1. brigands: +1-2-1= DM -2.

Determining Advantage
[2D+ Driving + Agility] in an opposed roll. The brigand driver has Driving-1, Edith has JoT-1 (-2). She's going to have a hard time getting the advantage over this driver.

Round 1
Advantage: Edith 5-2=3, brigand 6+1=7 Effect +4, DM 0, Brigands
Edith, be a dear and take the wheel for a moment,” Robert Rance shouted over the din of the wind. Without another thought, he launched himself up and out of the driver's seat, scrambling across the rear seat of the rambler. Rance finally gained his feet properly in the trunk, where Halls was already shooting back at their pursuer. Edith clambered over into the driver's seat, desperately recalling what she knew about how to operate it. (JoT-1)
The brigands fire to hit the Rambler. Rifleman throws 7-2= 5 no hit, The carbine throws better, 9-2=7, but still score no hits.

Round 2
Advantage: 7-2=5, 8+1=9 Effect +4, DM 0, Brigands
The carbine man rolls 6-2=4 for no hit, but the rifle man rolls 11-2=9. A hit on the Rambler! Referee throws 1D for the AV dice, a 3. This is less than the Rambler's Light damage threshold of 6. The bullet strikes the Rambler's frame and bounces away to no effect. Rance and Halls are unable to fire back. Many frustrated oaths go sailing at the brigands instead.

Round 3
Advantage 10-2=8, 4+1=5 Effect +4, DM 0, Heroes
Why aren't you shooting back?” Edith demanded. “Can't darling,” Rance said. “These fellows are smart – they're following us, but keeping out of pistol range. That gives their rifles the advantage!”

Edith stomped the brakes. As the truck roared closer she shouted “There's your opening, Rance!”

Halls fires his revolver and throws an 8-1=7. A miss. Rance levels his trusty pistol and fires. A 9-0 is a hit! But his damage throw is low, only 6. That's not enough to KO either of the brigands in pursuit. They both will be able to fire again.

Round 4
Advantage 9-2=7, 9+1=10 Effect +4, DM 0, Brigands

The brigand that Rance hit is back on his feet, and firing again. Fortunately for Rance, both throws are low, resulting in no hits.

Bullets whistled and whined past Rance's head. Between the rough terrain and Edith's shaky driving, the fellows have a time just holding on to the Rambler's cargo bed. There's almost no way they can line up steady shots, not at this range.

Any chance of keeping to a straight path?” he shouted towards Edith.

Sorry darling, this isn't exactly the Central Commons at City U,” Edith sang back. “Hang on!” she added, and threw the controls over hard right to avoid a boulder outcropping. Rance grabs the Rambler's side and holds on for dear life.

Round 5
Advantage 10-2=8, 6+1=7 Effect +1, DM -1, Brigands

The rough terrain means both the truck and the Rambler are bouncing and jolting too hard for accurate shooting. The brigands fire two more futile shots at the Rambler. Edith spots another dirt road ahead, and swings onto it. Once on the road she pushes the Rambler to maximum speed. The brigands, bouncing onto the road behind them, decide it's no longer worth it and drop back.

The chase ends with Rance & crew escaping. Will they come back to explore the factory later? Call the constabulary about the brigands? What's their next move?


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