Friday, May 8, 2020

The Remnants of the Glorious Empire - Cepheus Light

Over the last few years I have worked a good bit with the Cepheus Engine rules set. Mostly because of my work with Stellagama Publishing (Thanks, guys!) on things like These Stars Are Ours! and The Space Patrol, and now recently Sword of Cepheus. It's been fun.

Now, I'm still a Classic Traveller guy. There's nothing wrong with branching out, however. One of my new projects, therefore, is restructuring one of the subsectors of my TU, and converting all that can be converted therein to CE game terms. With my Pocket Edition of Cepheus Light, I will create new characters, build new vehicles and starships, and find out how well CL works.

The area formerly known as Weitzlar Subsector is now known as the Remnants of the Glorious Empire.

Behold my new custom-made map of the Glorious Empire Subsector

This area is isolated by distance from most of my TU.

Highest population is at Sharum, at 100,000,000; highest starport is A at Mardahak, highest tech level is B (11) at Corcoran, Mardahak, and Otachi.
Population for the subsector is 475,600,000.

In future posts I will introduce some of the worlds, ships and vehicles of the region.

But where is this Glorious Empire, namesake of the region?  It is gone. It fell apart some decades back and now these 11 worlds are left to their own devices. Many of them are not handling it well.

Here are the notes I have so far on the Glorious Empire, GE for short (or if you're not feeling generous, the GloEmp or 'glomp').

  • The Glorious Empire (GE) while gone, is a great reason for Travellers to go exploring. Those who do eventually find out that the GE was anything but glorious.
  • The GE did all kinds of weird things including a lot of genetic experimentation. They left a lot of mutants, half-breeds and hybrids behind.
  • There are also treasures of technology, precious metals and gemstones, and artifacts of craft and workmanship.
  • What killed the GE is unknown, but it happened very rapidly. 
  • It appears an effort was made post-facto to suppress all knowledge of the GE.
  • The GE is commonly believed to have been on these planets: Carygwyn, Postius, Percauris, Sharum

There could be abandoned cities, abandoned starports and bases, orbital facilities and sattellites. All kinds of treasures could be available for the taking, if adventurous Travellers are up to the challenge of finding them.

Let's get going! 


  1. What are the Trade Route codes?

    1. They are the initials of the two worlds at either end of the route. Brocadia to Postius = BP. My read of the Bk3 trade route rules is that each extends only between two worlds.