The Adequate Seven Campaign Notes

I went through several options for naming this group before settling on 

The Adequate Seven

To begin with, Character Stat blocks for all seven PCs:

'Reaper' Imperial, ex-Army Major
8897CA   Age 30
Rifle-2, SMG-2, Grav Vehicle-2, Electronics-1, Streetwise-1, Recon-1, Computer-0, Brawling-0, Sword-0
Personality tag: ruthless (but hides it well) – also wants a girlfriend with a tragic backstory, like a 'cocktail waitress with cancer'.

Ca'al Jordan Imperial, ex-Navy Petty Officer
866585   Age 30
Gunnery-1, JoT-1, Engineering-1, Axe-1
Personality tag: Miserly/greedy

Maj. McGee, Imperial former Air Force Major
7B9897    Age 42
Jet Aircraft-1, Vacc Suit-1, Brawling-2, Survival-1, Prop Aircraft-1, Leader-1, Wheeled Vehicle-1, Laser Rifle-1, Helicopter-1, Mechanical-1
Personality tag: Honest

Jay Maverick Esparadan, Hunter
B7A799  Age 38
Hunting-3, Survival-2, Shotgun-2, Mechanical-2, ATV-1, Laser Rifle-1, Medical-1, JoT-1
Personality tag: Friend to all

Joe Blasterson Esparadan, ex-Army Lt. Colonel
78AA99   Age 38
Rifle-2, Jet Aircraft-1, Air/raft-1, Mechanical-1, Electronics-1, SMG-1, Medical-0, Vacc Suit-0, Carousing-0
Personality tag: danger-seeker/adventurous

Landreth Imperial, ex-Navy Lieutenant
886DA7    Age 34
Pilot-1, Steward-1, Engineering-1, Gunnery-1, Computer-0, Mechanical-1, Vehicle-0, Pistol-1
Personality tag: Loyal to his mates

Longfinger Barbarian/altered human, or possible mutant
C98975   Age 30
Brawling-1, Survival-0, Recon-1, Sword-1, Crossbow-2 (sport/repeating)
Mechanical-2, Claws-2
Personality tag: strong hatred of the Patrian Concordiat
Longfinger's people lived on Zanzibar, but the Patrians exiled or slew them as they refused to submit to Patrian rule.

Cmndr. McGee Imperial, ex-Marine Force Commander
Personality tag: Steady/Unafraid

Adventures so far:

The Hunt for the Werewolf Scientist

The Great Stavanger Airship Race

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