Monday, May 25, 2020

Random Encounters - Two Patrons

Alistair Deacon

Business Mogul, someone who always “knows a guy” who can help the PCs – in exchange for a favor.
A Deal is about to be born. And it will be profitable.
Deacon is not that tall, not that big and not that impressive looking. A good-looking guy, sure, but a city-dweller and ground-pounder.

He tends to be 'flash' – you'll find him at the popular clubs, often tossing credits around. His clothes are always the current fashion, and tailor-made. Any tech he carries with him will be top of the line, the best the local TL can offer.

When he introduces himself, it's always “I'm Alistair Deacon”. The implication being that of course the PCs have heard of him. This may be vanity, but it's also a show of dominance. He will on occasion talk about himself in the 3rd person; such as “Of course it'll be a winner. Financial losses don't happen to Alistair Deacon.”

And in general, he's right. He may not look tough, but he's no fool. His business ventures are always legit, and profitable. He can smell a dodgy deal a klick away.

He's loaded with cash, and connected to scores of people – both legit and criminal. He's not a criminal, but he knows people who are.

He has two associates nearby at all times - “Kong” and “Nails”. Kong is the obvious muscle, even in his nice suit. Nails is less obtrusive, and often fades into the background. Just because you don't see him, that doesn't mean he's not there. Deacon isn't a fighter, so he always has someone around who is.

Alistair Deacon
77799A Age 42 Cr – Millions
Bureaucrat, 6 terms Executive
Liaison-3, Administration-2, Computer-1, Vehicle-1, Carousing-3

Alistair owns several businesses, on more than one planet. As a patron he may want:
  • transport for himself (quickly and quietly)
  • transport of goods,
  • delivery to a specific place
  • gaining first hand info about a thing/place/person
  • locating a person/place/thing
  • protection of assets
  • delivering confidential communication
  • pickup and deliver a person to a place

He travels a lot, often on short notice. He's got to move fast if he wants to seize opportunities, which is a bit of advice he shares often.

Alistair is also a legendary skirt-chaser. But, he refuses to put money into the hands of pimps and procurers. He can't stand the idea of a paid companion. Any gal on his arm is there because she wants to be. Alistair enjoys lavishing attention of the girl of the week. Sometimes this can cause him trouble.

His tendency to skirt chasing might mean he has to leave the planet in a rush. Or have to babysit/chaperon the skirt back to where she wants to go. Or have someone do that for him.

Alistair is glad to do favors for people. He knows that in return he can ask them for favors at a time of his choosing. As a Patron, he might ask the PCs to collect on those favors. Like rescuing people or scaring off bad guys. Just the kinds of things the PCs might be good at. He won't ask them to break laws, but if the PCs use illegal methods, he'll claim to know nothing about it.

He enjoys sporting-type activities like hiking camping etc, where he can at least look like an athletic type. Safaris are popular, being outdoors while not having to rough it or face danger.

A typical mission from Alistair Deacon:
 “Fellas, this plan of yours sounds like a sure-fire winner. I'll be glad to front you the cash; and I know people that can help you assemble your support staff. Just one thing, though. Could you do me a favor first? There's this gal, you see. We've been hanging out, having a good time and all, but she's told me about this little problem her family is having back home. It seems there's a bandit gang about, putting the squeeze on the local farmers. The bandits want to use their fruit shipments headed off-world. They want to smuggle their loot out inside the fruit baskets, but it'll be the farmers who take the fall for it if it's discovered. Do you think you could persuade these guys to back off and at least leave her family farm out of the scheme? That'd be great. Thanks guys.

Rocky Hardcastle

An aging but lively fellow who's past is much deeper than it appears. He's a globe-trotter and semi-retired adventurer.
"Now, now my boy. Don't be a dismal jimmy. This should be fun."

Richard “Rocky” Hardcastle
58688A Nobles, 8 terms Squire Age 78 Cr - Plenty
Carousing-2, Liaison-2, Gun Combat-1, Bribery-1, Athletics-1 Streetwise-2

Rocky is often found at better-quality startown establishments; usually cooking up another excursion with his wife/adventuress Madge. His passion is exploration and discovery. Rocky is a finder/discoverer of lost things like crashed starships, lost colonies and expeditions that never came back. His record of recovered vessels and other finds is long, and is the source of his solid bankroll.

As a Patron he wants PCs who can help as:
  • technicians
  • vehicle operators
  • researchers
  • legal advocates, for dealing with planetary governments

If you have the 3rd party supplement Startown Liberty, Rocky can be found at Bars and Taverns, and rarely at a Nightclub; never at a Dive. He likes to do business over drinks, and on a favorable Reaction throw will spring for a few rounds for the PCs.

He dislikes the sullen tough-guy type, he prefers people who can laugh and have fun. But beneath the jolly exterior is a savvy character who won't be fooled easily. He detests complainers, slackers and bullies. He cares about the common fellow, the small town folks and frontier places.

He gravitates towards Travellers, as they always have stories to tell. The referee can have Rocky approach the PCs in an establishment and propose his latest scheme. Unlike Alistair (they are not connected) Rocky WILL go on serious and dangerous expeditions.

Rocky (Never Richard, please) is old, and knows he's old but doesn't let that slow him down any. He'll address anyone visibly younger than himself as “young man” or “young woman”. An attractive woman of any age brings out Rocky's flirtatious side, but he's never serious. He loves Madge and she never worries about his eyes wandering too far.

Despite his SOC score, Rocky takes no interest in the high life. He can't stand snobbish types. He wants good food, good fun and real people. Rocky is a fun-loving explorer who has no time for criminal or mercenary pursuits. If any such are proposed to him, he will curtly denounce the scheme and depart.

Additionally, Rocky has lots of contacts. From academics to government officials, to nightclub owners to the families of people he's found, there are lots of folks that he could call on if the PCs decided to give him trouble. He won't let on about this unless the PCs give him a reason to.

Bonus points to anyone who can tell me where I got these two characters from. No Googling! Give your answer in the comments.


  1. Nice lifts from my favorite comfy BBC/PBS sitcom "As Time Goes By". Now I've got to find a way to fit Mrs. Bale into a game. ;)

  2. Wasn't sure about the source, but nice. There's always some good prospects to be found for patrons and NPCs.

  3. Fabulous! Except, Alistair would never call her 'gal.' He would say lovely lady!