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The Werewolf Disease - Amber Zone Reviews #6

The Werewolf Disease by Anders Blixt from JTAS #5

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Location: The island of Bekain on Taldor, a corporation-owned world.  Class C starport, TL 8. No specific location in the OTU given.

Patron: An agent for Kitzen, Ltd.; the governing company.

Mission: To capture alive an employee, a lab technician who has gone native with a vengeance. The patron insists that the tech be captured rather than killed, and provides the PCs with non-lethal weaponry.

Payoff: The agent offers a Cr 100,000 success-only contract. They should not need any additional resources, but any incidental damages they cause will be extracted from the payment.

Complications: The lab tech is armed, and armored. He is strong, fast, smart and paranoid. While he was escaping from custody he has already killed one person and caused considerable damage. Unknown to everyone, all of his senses are now very acute, which means he will be very hard to surprise.

Strong Points: This guy will be tough to bring down, a very real and dangerous challenge. Fighting lethal force with non-lethal will force the players to do a lot of careful planning and preparing. The mission location is an island, which presents a good defined area in which to operate. This mission is a good game of cat and mouse.

Weak points: While the target is a very tough customer, with a large enough party, say six to eight PCs, the challenge will be a lot less. Some meta-gaming player could decide "well, a rifle bullet won't kill him, it's only 3D damage, and I'm sure he can stand more than that"; and make quick work of him. PCs without any survival or recon skill could spend a lot of in-game time in a very dull search pattern on the wrong part of the island.

What I'd change:  I would include animal encounters as part of the challenge - something on the island is an aggressive carnivore. If the group is large, the aggressive carnivores are immune to the tranq rounds the PCs are carrying. That should balance out the advantage of a large group. An especially skilled group could be saddled with a government monitor who is officious but incompetent.

In My Traveller Universe:  This adventure does not have to be set on a system main world. It can be moved easily to a secondary planet of a system. Just because I haven't developed the Republic of Tamarkand very much I think I'll place the island of Bekain in the Kiska system.

Map: The hunt begins at the starport, the star-circle on the north coast of Bekain Island.

I made this map, using Hexographer. It may be reproduced or modified without permission.

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