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Scam - Amber Zone Reviews # 9

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Amber Zone: Scam, by Loren Wiseman

Location: No specific world is given as the setting for this adventure

Patron: Jotphar, a local businessman

Mission: Using information the patron gives, the PCs are to enter the patron's place of business and destroy a computer which holds records of the patron's illegitimate activities with the company's funds. General vandalism should ensue to disguise the destruction of the target computer.

Complications: The scam runs much deeper than what the patron is letting on. The compensation offered is unusual to say the least. See Payoff. Unless the PCs investigate the aftermath of their break-in, they will not detect the deeper scam. The patron will likely make a hasty departure soon after the job is done.

Payoff: The patron can't pay in cash, but instead offers intelligence on future ship arrivals, suggesting the PCs hijack something using the info provided.

Strong Points: I can't think of any. I prefer not to do 'criminal' adventures at all, unless the target group is villainous enough to deserve the hit.

Weak Points: Why would anyone sensible take this job? They are asked to commit a crime against a legitimate, non-evil company, with no tangible compensation, only the prospect of maybe getting a big payoff if they successfully commit another crime. Hijacking is likely to get the Imperial authorities chasing after them. The ship that the patron points them towards does not even has as valuable a cargo as it claims to have. As the scenario is written, the real adventure will be tracking down the dishonest patron to attempt to extort more money from him. Extortion is also a crime. The PCs can't bring civil authorities to bear against the patron without implicating themselves in the original crime.

What I'd change: The patron wants to extract the ship data from the computer before it is trashed. The patron would accompany the PCs on the hijack job and try to slide off after that, taking the cash gained from the hijack with him. This motivates the PCs to catch him before he spends or loses all their hard earned (stolen) money.

In My Traveller Universe: As this adventure really could take place anywhere, I'll turn once again to the Republic of Tamarkand, the planet Delphinus (C-8667C5-D)

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