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Rule of Man Commemorative - Amber Zone Reviews # 13

Amber Zone: Rule of Man Commemorative, by Wiseman & Miller from JTAS #9

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Collectible Imperial currency.

I am going to be intentionally vague on the details of this Amber Zone. If I were to be more specific, it would give away too much of the plot which depends on secrecy. I like this kind of scenario, but I have to say at the outset that I was disappointed with this one- it could have been awesome but is likely to be just dull.

Location: Regina & Lanth (Regina Subsector, Spinward Marches)

Patron: Antiquities dealer

Mission: The antiquities dealer on Regina hires the PCs to deliver a small parcel of limited edition coins to another dealer on Lanth. The coins are individually packaged, and should be kept in the packages, but are not particularly valuable.

Complications: On arrival at Lanth, the receiving dealer is not at the address given. The PCs must hunt around for the receiver. Very perceptive PCs might get the suspicion that they are being followed.

Payoff: The Regina dealer offers a Middle passage and Cr 2000 per member of the group.

Strong Points: This adventure has a good amount of potential, but only potential as it is written. This adventure would work well as a solo mission.

Weak Points: There is more going on in this scenario than is presented. However, as written, the PCs will most likely remain blissfully unaware of the larger goings-on, and will complete the delivery within a day or two, and go on to the next thing. Even if they do notice something is amiss, it is well beyond the scope of this adventure as written for them to figure out what is wrong, and have any impact on the larger events. In this case, what they don't know won't hurt them, or have any effect on them at all.

What I'd change: I would both make it more likely that the PCs would discover the real reason for the delivery of the package, and more likely that the other factors involved would try to directly contact or interact with the PCs. I'd make the mission more of a chase/escape adventure rather than a delivery run. Like every 'accidental spy' movie ever made, the PCs should find themselves as the centerpiece of a significant operation, one which they have to figure out on the run, and try to stay alive while doing the right thing.

In My Traveller Universe: I would locate this adventure on two of the major planets of any one of the Big Four star nations (Talavera, the Union, the UPA, the Trade Protectorate)

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