Tuesday, May 31, 2022

More Vehicles: Spy-class Armored Car

 Swiss MOWAG Spy Armored Car (TL-8, with some TL-9 bits)

Chassis: Light Ground Vehicle

Spaces: 10 (13,750Cr)

Crew: 3 (3 spaces)

Agility: +1

Speed (Speed Band/kph): Medium (109kph)/Slow (80kph)

Range: 435km (653km)

Hull: 20

Armor: 20/20/20 (1 space)

Traits: ATV (DM+2 to off-road drive checks)

Armament: Automated Ring Mount (750Cr) w/ One HMG (Rng-1km, Dmg-4D, Cost-4500Cr, Mag-100, Mag Cost-400Cr, Auto-3)


Improved Control Systems (5000Cr), Aquatic Drive (Speed: Slow/75kph[Very Slow/40kph], Range: 80km/120km, Agility: +0), Smart Wheels (DM+1 to off-road Drive checks, Range increased by 10% on roads, 10,000Cr), Improved Comms System (Rng-5000km, 150Cr) w/ Encryption (4000Cr), Increased Rangex1, and Satellite Uplink (optional, costs 1 space and 1000Cr in selected), Computer/1 (500Cr), Improved GPS (DM+2 to Navigation checks, 10,000Cr), Improved Sensors (DM+1 to Electronics [Sensors] checks, Rng-50km, 45,000Cr) w/ Hardened (ignore DM-1 worth of jamming), Increased Rangex1, Increased Fidelity (DM+2 to Sensors checks, 2 spaces, 30,000Cr), and Sensor Mast (15,000Cr), Improved Camouflage (DM-2 to visual detection, Min Rng-0.5km, 1,000Cr), Fire Extinguishers (500Cr)

Cargo/Waste Space: 1tn (4 spaces)/0.75tns (3 spaces) with Satellite Uplink installed. Remaining spaces can be used for passengers, additional Fidelity increases, or any other modifications the PCs can think of (will increase base price).

Price: 140,150Cr (141,150Cr with Satellite Uplink installed)

You are free to use this design in any non-commercial Traveller activity. Credit to this blog is appreciated but not required.  Designed by my son Zach, using MgT 2nd ed. Vehicle Handbook. Thanks son!

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