Friday, October 12, 2018

Stealing Stuff for Fun and Profit

New from Stellagama Publishing

Piracy and Privateering

The other, less well known reason why Marines carry Cutlasses!

From the official description:

"A system-neutral guide to How To Be a Pirate! With explanations to help gamemasters run complete space pirate campaigns. In it, you will find guidelines for setting up a piracy or privateering sandbox campaign. There are fully developed encounter rules for figuring out which poor unfortunate souls have crossed paths with terrible player character pirates. We have also included system-neutral rules for fleshing out encounters with ships, space stations, and other unexpected sources of adventure. There are rules for selling ill-gotten booty, for splitting up crew shares, and for holding privateer courts."

I'm already using bits of it for my ongoing campaign - playing tomorrow! Once I read through the whole thing, I will post my review here. Check back soon!

Available now at DriveThruRPG

Suitable for/compatible with:
  • Classic Traveller
  • Cepheus Engine
  • Stars Without Number
  • White Star
  • other space opera/space fantasy type games


  1. And some musical humor:

    1. Before I follow the link - is it Muppet Treasure Island, "When you're a professional pirate"?