Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Are there Soccer Moms in Space?

If there are, then we have a vehicle for them. Designed by my son, using the Mgt 2e Vehicle Handbook. Enjoy, if you can.

Minivan (TL-8)

Chassis: Light Ground Vehicle

Spaces: 10 (5dtns)

Crew/Passengers: 1/7 (8 spaces)

Speed: Medium (Slow)/200kph (100kph)

Range: 400km (600km)

Agility: +1

Hull: 20

Armor: 2/2/2

Traits: None

Armament: None

Equipment: Improved Control Systems (5000Cr), Basic GPS (2000Cr, DM+1 to Navigation checks), Entertainment System (200Cr)

Cargo: 0.5tns (2 spaces) Note: 6 seats can be folded down to provide an additional 1.5tns (6 spaces) of cargo

Cost: 14,700Cr

Roomy and comfortable, the minivan is perfect for adventuring in town. The GPS is capable of linking in to a city's navigation grid for an easy commute to meet a Patron or visit a Startown Bar. If you roll with a smaller crew, there's plenty of cargo space. Simple and efficient design with an optional speed governor so even under manual control you never have to worry about those pesky Legal Encounters - this vehicle just won't break the speed limit!

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