Saturday, October 4, 2014

A surprising (or obvious) Animal Encounter

I've been thinking on the Encounters section of the Classic Traveller rules lately, so it only makes sense that I would take another look at the Animal Encounters section.
A Highlander Cow, from the planet Dumarque

The CT Animal Encounter rules are both flexible in execution, and clever in design. Instead of designing creatures based upon their appearance (body shape, number of limbs, color, skin covering, etc) the rules focus on describing an animal's behavior and place in the ecosystem. 

Start with the assumption that animals, whatever planet they exist on, will fall into general categories based on their eating habits: herbivores, carnivores, omnivores and scavengers. Each of these categories has a number of sub-types which further define how the animal will behave. With that as a framework, the referee is able to create a nearly endless array of critters, limited only by the imagination necessary to describe what the critter looks like.

By defining its behavior first, the referee can make the animal's appearance make sense in the climate and within the story, so that animals are not just Random Encounters because your referee hates you.

 Anyway, the reason I mention this is because it occurred to me that I can define any sort of creature that has appeared in other works. So, here we go - any roleplayer should recognize this one:

Flying Pouncer     
Weight       Hits      Armor     Wounds    Weapons  Attack      Flee            Speed
44,000 kg  102/54  Battle-4  2Dx6         Claws      If surprise If surprised  2 (4 in the air)
                                                           Special (As PGMP-14)

Gentle Travellers, I present to you - 
A Dragon.

Give me a good reason why this shouldn't happen in Traveller.
So, how hard do you think this beast would be to bring down?  If you think your PCs can't handle the fire, I am confident this NPC can:

St. George the Trophy-Bearer; martyr and slayer of dragons

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