Friday, September 18, 2020

Military Reputations in the Corriodor

This is a panel from a G I Joe: A Real American Hero comic from back in the late 1980's. I've edited the text balloons a bit to reflect the situation in Holtzmann's Corridor. In case it's not obvious, a Raid and Hostage Rescue has just taken place. 

Now this is just a bit of silly fun on a Friday night, but it does reflect a bit of the political rivalry that exists in my Church and Empire setting. 

What could be said about the Pocket Empires or the Third Imperium & its rivals in your game?

Bonus points if you have this issue, and can tell me who these two mercenaries were actually talking about.

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  1. IMTU, the Imperial Marines come in small groups, use Battle Dress, and tend to be more in and out. The Army is going to come in with the heavy equipment, and hold the terrain. The Solomani are similar, but have a reputation for unpleasantly interrogating any possible witnesses to an intervention.