Thursday, June 28, 2018

Early model ATV

While I remain a CT guy, my son is delving into Mongoose Traveller (2nd ed). The Vehicle Handbook is his favorite supplement. We're collaborating to present a variety of vehicles that can be used in a Traveller game, whichever rules set you're using. Our hope is to make this a one-a-month post series. All designs using the Vehicle Handbook are available to use without attribution.*

Let's start off with a simple design, for a simple vehicle. If you want to go explore a new planet or, say, a moon, you need reliable transport.

Watch me pop a wheelie in this thing! Oh wait, forgot about low gravity . . .

CT description

The Paragon Personal Motors Type III Self-powered transport (TL 6) is a simple, rugged four-wheeled design that can be easily collapsed for stowage aboard ship. It is open-topped and unpressurized. The Type III is intended for off-road use. It has a range of 300 km, with an off-road max speed of 38 kph, and a max road speed of 50 kph. It is equipped with a Medium range communicator. The Type III carries two persons (one driver) and 10kg of cargo. It is powered by batteries which can be charged from a ship's power plant. Cr 10,950

MgT Description

Chassis: Light Ground Vehicle
Spaces: 3 (0.75dtns)
Crew/Passengers: 1/1 (2 spaces)
Speed: Slow (Very Slow)/50kph (30kph)
Range: 200km (300km)
Agility: +1
Hull: 6
Armor: 0/0/0
Traits: Open Vehicle, ATV (DM+2 when driving on rough terrain)
Armament: None
Equipment: Basic Controls, Basic Communication System (Rng-50km), Basic Sensors (Rng-1km, DM+0 to Electronics rolls)
Cost: 10,950Cr

Not that you would want to get into a fight in this open-topped vehicle, but if such a situation arises, then check out Omer Joel's Quick and Dirty CT Vehicle Combat rules. 

*I do not believe that the vehicles designed by this system can be independently copyrighted.

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