Friday, January 8, 2016

Product Review - Startown Liberty

Startown Liberty by Gamelords
Another Traveller goodie I picked up after participating in this year's Amber Zone adventure writing contest was this early 1980's supplement from Gamelords.

What is it?
A collection of encounter tables for urban environs like night clubs, casinos and other recreation spots that Travellers will visit when they are in port. 

What format?
I got it in .pdf, but I'm probably going to print it off, or at least parts of it. 

What can I do with it?
The explanatory text of this supplement gives the referee lots of suggestions for NPC encounters and adventures in the 'startown', which is the area right around the starport. It is compared to the 'waterfront district' at seaports on Earth. Startown is a good place to meet patrons and pick up 'jobs'. PCs can also get pulled into adventures through encounters with the Law, with criminals, or the traditional bar brawl!

How easy is it to use?
The core of the supplement is the encounter tables, which are easy to read and use.  With some imagination and creative use of the explanatory text, the referee can consult the same table five times on five different worlds without re-hashing encounters. There's plenty of detail in the text the referee can use to make each encounter distinct.

Would I have bought this for myself?
Yes! In this case, I did. One of the prizes was 'store credit' at DTRPG. I chose to buy this product and I'm happy that I did. 

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  1. Somehow I had never heard of this. Read a few descriptions now and found a cheap copy.