Saturday, January 2, 2016

Product Review - Quick Decks Starter Pack

DSL Ironworks offered prizes for participants in this year's Amber Zone Adventure Writing Contest.  They sent me Quick Decks Starter Pack #1.
We Travellers love our deck plans.
What is it?
A set of starship interior components that can be printed off and cut out to create any ship interior that the scenario calls for. The Ironworks produce supplements for the Mongoose edition of Traveller, but these deck plans will work with any rules set.

What format?
It came to me in .pdf, so printing it out is easy. The usage guide explains how to adjust the print size to make the deck plans fit with 25mm, 20mm and 15mm miniatures. 

How useful is it?
This will be very useful. Now if I have a scenario aboard a ship, I don't have to make up a complete map for the ship, only the parts I'll need to use. Gigantic starships or space stations can now be modeled easily. Think about the Death Star in Star Wars. How much of that station's interior did we really get to see?  A handful of rooms and a few corridors. What the rest of it looked like simply didn't matter because we never saw it.

How easy is it to use?
As long as I have access to a printer, it couldn't be easier.  The component parts are spaced on the page so I can cut out what I need and lay it on the table next to any other component. I can build an interior scene as large as I need.

What's my favorite thing?
The interior drawings of an air/raft, ATV and G-Carrier. 

Would I have bought it myself?
Yes! I would.Designing maps is great fun, but if something has to be done up on the fly or only a portion is needed, this supplement will save the referee a lot of work. This is just the first installment; there are several other Quick Decks products available. Give them a look!


  1. Check out The Junior General site , also on my list of Traveller sites, for easy to make paper minis that can fit the scales of the deckplans.

  2. I just had a look. The bundle that comes with the three ship quick decks plus the frontier starports looks like a good deal at $10. I've put it in my wishlist so if I really get going with a Traveller campaign, I can pick it up.