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The Church in the Corridor

Most of the churches in the Corridor are under the jurisdiction of the Patriarch of Moscow who has his See on Talavera. The relationship between the Church and the Empire is as complex in the Corridor as it is anywhere else. 

The Metropolitan of the Corridor is on Chapolco. The other worlds have Planetary Bishops, the lower population worlds sometimes share a bishop with another State.

Metropolitan Patrick VI 777ABD Age 46
Nobles/Church 7 terms
Theology-3, Leader-2, Administration-1, Pilot-1

From the Imperial perspective, the clergy rank socially as follows:
  • Monastics or village/parish priests: SOC 8
  • Town/city priests SOC 9
  • Archpriest/Capital city priest SOC A
  • Bishop, minor world SOC B
  • Bishop, major world SOC C
  • Metropolitan SOC D
  • Patriarch SOC E

On worlds that are less favorable to religion the social position of priests will be lower: Neutral (-1), passively (-2) or actively (-4) anti-religious. Militantly anti-religious worlds will assign all religious persons to SOC 4 or less. 

The Church in Corridor society

Actively Religious worlds – Chapolco
Mildly Religious worlds – Armstrong's, Faldor, Mavramorn, Schamel
Passively Religious worlds - Dekalb, Kemasiik, Pampati, Ramsa, Tagus, Worosha
Neutral worlds – Holtzmann, Stavanger, Dimitrov, Ferrocore, Lanzhou, Miltramos
Anti-religious worlds – Cadawala, VanGoff, Dorothua, Narok

Special: Tabraz is militantly religious, but only towards Haifazite Islam. The Church is forbidden and non-Haifazites are harshly persecuted.

In the pro-religious worlds, the clergy can be involved in public life, with religious people holding public and civic offices. In the anti-religious worlds, the Church faces persecution of one degree or another, down to being outlawed. On some worlds all religions will be favored or disfavored equally while on others the Church will be prominent. It may be on other worlds that the Church is present but another religion is more prominent.

PCs visiting the four anti-religious worlds will be advised as visitors to keep their religious persuasions to themselves, to not seek out fellow believers or churches on the planet, and most especially to not attempt to proselytize the locals.

Adventurers may be approached by patrons for any of the following missions:
  • tracking down a religious person/group for arrest
  • smuggling religious writings or objects onto the world
  • assisting believers in escaping the world
  • assisting believers in getting on-planet
  • misdirecting government or other agents who are searching for believers
  • Protecting religious persons or buildings from attacks

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