Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Casual Encounter Nazir Kobayashi

Nazir Kobayashi
BB7335  Merchant 3rd Officer 2 terms Age 26 Cr- some
Vacc Suit-1, Engineering-1, Bribery-1, Streetwise-1, Carbine-0
Not as stupid as he looks. Far stupider, in fact.

I found this character in a list of pre-generated characters, in Double Adventure 2, Across the Bright Face. I have no setting that he's a part of, no storyline to fit with. I just took what was presented and extrapolated this from his stats and skills.

Nazir grew up on a densely populated mid-tech world with a bureaucratic government and high Law Level. The local culture does not value education at all - the State is supposed to provide everything they need, so why bother learning anything? He took a job as a deck hand aboard a subbie liner of a subsector-wide merchant house, to get away from home when another bloke threatened his life over some disagreement or other. In his first term he polished up his Bribery and Streetwise skills, but continued to disdain formal learning. In his second term, he surprised the line owners by applying for 4th officer, and for vacc suit and engineering certification, and passing them all. Soon after his promo to 3rd officer went through allegations were brought that he had faked the exams and bribed examiners to give him the certifications. His contract was cut off, and he left under a cloud of suspicion. Nazir maintains that his credentials are good, but no ship from that line will hire him again.

Since leaving the merchant line, Kobayashi has drifted around the subsector, but he has not returned home. He takes jobs for working passage when he can get them, but his penchant for trying to work 'deals' has kept him from regular work. 

These deals usually involve diverting ship's cargo from the intended recipient to another location and selling it off, or smuggling contraband aboard ship. His problem is that he's not very good at it, and ship captains quickly become wise to his schemes. PCs who encounter Nazir may be approached to take part in one of his 'deals' and may respond how they choose.

Kobayashi has spent time in jail on several planets, most often for these 'deals'. He may try to use his size & strength to intimidate a PC/NPC into taking part in a 'deal' but so far has not used direct violence so he's not faced felony charges. His SOC of 5 refers to his status on his home world. He was never charged with a crime at home but was certainly not a model citizen.

A PC or group who encounter Nazir and try to reform him will find him stubborn, sullen and unwilling; but with patience and firmness who knows how much more he could become. Unless he tries to bail out at the next starport because it's all too much work.

Illustration take from Terrible Character Portraits, which I got from DriveThruRPG.

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