Thursday, May 14, 2015

Meet the Armata - a brand new TL-8 MBT

The Russians unveiled the Armata, it's first new MBT design in a quarter century at the May 9th Victory Day Parade. STRATFOR provides a video review of this new vehicle, which is to be a 'universal' vehicle platform. 

Russia unveils its groundbreaking new tank 

There's been some talk about Striker around here recently, who's up to the challenge of statting up the Armata for Striker and posting it here? I'll share my version when I've got it ready.

"Russia Unveils Its Groundbreaking New Tank is republished with permission of Stratfor." 

Jane's 360 provides a more detailed description with graphics for the new T-14 Armata. Read it here.


  1. My Armata:

    The vehicle has a crew of 3 (commander, driver, gunner). It mounts a 12.5cm hyper velocity smoothbore CPR gun and a TL6 HMG in a remote turret, with TL8 direct fire control. Height: 1.5m (plus 1m remote mount) Width: 3.6m Length: 8.8m Total Volume: 57.3m3 (4.1dT) Weight: 52.9t Price: Cr400,170

    Movement: Road: 70kph (58cm) Cross-country: 35kph (29cm) Ground pressure: 6t/m2
    Armour: Front-45 Sides-30 Rear, deck and belly-15
    Target Size DMs: Low+2, High+1
    Equipment: Laser sensor (8+), 8xprismatic aerosol, 8xsmoke dischargers, 500pwr radio, 5pwr radar, TL8 thermal imaging, Basic ECM, Overpressure with life support for 3
    Power: 0.8MW gas turbine 3000l fuel gives endurance of 7.5 hours
    Weapon: 12.5cm HVSB ROF=3 Eff=1.5km Long=2.5km Ext=4km Sig +3 32rnds carried in autoloader
    HE-19/3/3 Cr200 KEAP-39/35/31 Cr400 KEAPER-37/33/29 Cr440 HEAP-42 Cr300 Flct-2/20/+6 Cr1000
    Mvt Effects on fire - less than or equal to 1/2: no effect -over 1/2: EFP-4

  2. Dylan, thanks for sharing your design. Do you do your Striker designs by hand, or do you have a program to crunch the numbers? Have you played Striker a lot? I found an Excel file at the old Striker Yahoo group, which saves a lot of time.

  3. Yes, I use the excel spreadsheet. It took me longer to type the design into the blogspot comments field than it took to design the darn thing using the spreadsheet. It is so quick and easy once you know what you're looking for.

    I've played a lot of Striker and was a regular contributor on the yahoogroup back when it was active. Striker has its flaws and quirks, but it is designed from the ground up for Traveller, as opposed to trying to lash on some more recent SF wargame (for e.g., Dirtside-II or Stargrunt).