Monday, April 20, 2015

Planets of the Corridor - Stavanger and its Allies

Stavanger and its allies are in blue.

Stavanger Independent B-361851-12 On Trade Route TE/LTP
See the previous post on Stavanger for details. Here's the most significant detail: Stavanger is the 7th largest economy in the galaxy
That's right. This little planet is up there in shouting distance of The Big Four in economic clout. This is something that Stavanger is going to protect no matter what. 
In addition to its far greater economic power, Stavanger has a distinct tech advantage over its ally worlds. They are major export destinations for Stavangerian goods, including military tech. Stavangerian military and economic advisers are a common sight on allied worlds. There are 7d6 ships in port at any one time. 

Cadawala D-3426B8-10 On Trade Route 4.7 million
The Cadawalans are split along ethnic & religious lines. The minority Christians form one bloc and are generally one ethnic group, while the majority of the population are secularist and support the dictatorial government set up two generations back by a communist palace coup. Stability is moderate to low, and Cadawala has an imperialist foreign policy. There are 3d ships in port at any one time. 

Chapolco B-584620-10 On Trade Route 9.2 million
Chapolco is actually two states, Chapolco and Geder. Chapolco proper is supported by Stavanger. Geder, population 965,000, is an ethnic enclave more aligned with Narok (and therefore Lanzhou), which made an unsuccessful bid for independence. Geder is semi-autonomous, but is answerable to Chapolco. Gederian militias are de jure outlaws, but they exist with the support of Gederians. Lanzhou is attempting to exert influence on Chapolco as well. There are 5d ships in port at any one time. 

Mavramorn C-34374A-10 On Trade Route Pr 50 million people
The Mavramorn system is potentially very rich in natural resources but the local government isn't developing it yet. The figurehead president is a glorified bureaucrat, the real power is the Army & Navy chiefs of staff, who own or control most of the industry and public services. Mavramorn & Stavanger fought a brief war 100+ years ago, and the military heads came to power through it & kept it. The ANB is a drain on the economy but the chiefs of staff will not reduce it. There are 5d ships in port at any one time. 

Ramsa E-229633-8 On Trade Route 1.3 million people
Small in size, very thin atmosphere and a few shallow seas. Majority of the surface is swampy bog. Ruled by an oligarchy but with a low law level, so there's not a lot of revolt. The Ramsans are gas miners – the thin air and slushy tundra contain a lot of usable gases. There are 2d ships in port at any one time. 

Schamel E-5A1422-6 On Trade Route 16,100 people
Schamel is an underground settlement, which used to be an iridium mine. The iridium is still there, but Schamel's market was undercut by the larger operation on Cadawala. The Schamel mining companies couldn't compete and the colony has been in decline for decades with no bottom in sight. The colony has little else to recommend it for trade or travel. Schamel does light manufacturing for Holtzmann, and still exports iridium and other metals to Stavanger. There are 1-2 ships in port at any one time.

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