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Planets of the Corridor - Lanzhou and its Allies

The second stop in our tour of the Corridor is Lanzhou. A tech powerhouse with a big population behind it, Lanzhou might be able to challenge the Empire directly, but so far is trying indirect means to blunt Imperial ambitions.

Lanzhou and its allies are in Yellow.

Lanzhou B-628743-13 On Trade Route 86 million people 

Lanzhou is divided into eleven provinces which manage local affairs and send representatives to the National Assembly. The planetary government is gridlocked on domestic issues by the presence of competing political parties and regional interests. While formally democratic, the provinces are under the control of warlord landowners. With the highest tech-level in the Corridor, and a large population, Lanzhou's export-driven economy exerts a wide influence on its neighbors. Lanzhouan culture is highly unified, and Chinese is the official language. There are 6d ships in port at any one time. 

Armstrong’s World B-7A7582-10 On Trade Route Ni 106,000 people 

The blend of odd and unusual chemical compounds present in the atmosphere of AW makes it a natural location for the chemical industry. There is oxygen present in the atmosphere, mostly bound up in n-oxide compounds. The ruling bureaucracy runs the basic services and leaves the scores of chemical companies alone to do their experiments and collection/processing. Industrial solvents, bonders and reagents are manufactured and exported. The inhabitants of AW live above and below ground, but always in sealed structures. There isn't much to domestic politics on Armstrong; the inhabited areas are dotted around the two continents, and don't interact that much.  There are 4d ships in port at any one time. 

Faldor E-5836A7-6 No Trade Route 3.2 million people

Faldor is a boiling cauldron of unrest. Multiple ethnic, religious and political factions are all vying for control of the planet. The current government is a military junta, strongly reinforced by a number of mercenary companies, and economic support from Lanzhou. The junta controls the major cities and the immediate surroundings, but little else. There are 2d ships in port at any one time. 

Chapolco (Geder) B-584620-10 On Trade Route 9.2 million

Chapolco is actually two states, Chapolco and Geder. Chapolco proper is supported by Stavanger. Geder, population 965,000, is an ethnic enclave more aligned with Narok and therefore Lanzhou, which made an unsuccessful bid for independence twenty years ago. Geder is semi-autonomous, but is still answerable to Chapolco. Gederian militias are de jure outlaws, but they exist with the support of Gederians. Lanzhou is attempting to exert influence on Chapolco as well.  There are 5d ships in port at any one time. 

Narok  A-6556A4-11 On Trade Route Ag Ni 8.4 million people

The Chancellor is 117 years old, and may die any day now. Over 80 years ago he ended the constant squabbles among rival baronies (former govt-7) and legitimized his rule on the promise of stability. They’ve had stability long enough that most do not remember the chaotic period before. The Chancellor has many children by many wives who are jockeying for power, along with the descendants of the defeated barons. All of them will likely make some grab for power when the Chancellor dies. Most observers expect the battle to be political rather than a return to civil war. The Chancellor's regime has cultivated an actively anti-religious culture, blaming religious motives for much of the former sectarian struggle. There are 6d+6 ships in port at any one time. 

Pampati  D-55463A-6 No Trade Route 1.13 million people

Pampati is a hereditary monarchy, and the current king is deeply unpopular. He’s not corrupt or despotic, but he’s feckless and unwilling to come to grips with the kingdom’s economic and social woes. He may face a revolution one of these days. Pampati is the main food grower for Tabraz (see Tabraz) but they are also afraid of a Tabrazian takeover. Tabraz pays in cash, as they have no exportable industry.  There are 3d ships in port at any one time.

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