Monday, April 3, 2023

Creature Crossover

A conversation that happened in another sphere of social media asked the question of what creatures from that famous fantasy RPG could be 'ported over to Traveller. As it turns out, a lot of them! Maybe I'll make this into a post series.

I wrote a post about dragons several years ago.

Now, I have a policy in my Traveller Universe that the only intelligent star-faring race is Man, so I have no interest in space hobgoblins or kobolds. Solitary or herd/pack dwelling creatures are the kind I'm looking at.

Maybe there are humanoid creatures of low/animal intelligence and no capacity for culture. I've argued elsewhere that intelligence is not what sets us apart from the rest of creation, rather our God-given capacity for love and creativity. 

Many fantasy monsters are destroyers, not builders, and of no notable intelligence. They could show up in the wilderness of some under-explored planet in Holtzmann's Corridor to harry and harass some intrepid adventurers. See if you can identify these two beasts without the descriptive text from the manual of monsters (which I can't display owing to copyright law).

Scavenger Reducer

Terrain: caves/caverns, urban underground
25kg    Hits 12/8    Armor Jack    Wounds 2D+4 DMs as laser rifle  A* F4 S1

A* if surprise    Any gear except wood or stone touched by the [redacted]will dissolve, saving throw 9+.
Immune to fire (including lasers) or cold, but vulnerable to physical weapons.
Referee, throw 2D. On 11+, the [redacted] can release one Telepathic Assault, PSI 10.

Flying Carnivore Pouncer
Terrain: Forests, Mountains

Weight          Hits           Armor        Wounds        Weapons        A F S
3200 kg        28/15        Cbt Armor+1    7D        Teeth              2 8 2 (5)
                                                           1D, *     Stinger       
Speed 2 on the ground, speed 5 in the air
* Poison stinger, fatal. Saving throw 10+, DM +1 END 10+, +2 END 12+ 

Armor+1 is 1 point less effective than unmodified; DM benefit is to the attacker.

Sorry, I can't provide any images either as they would give the game away. Leave your answers in the comments, along with other creatures from fantasy that you think should show up in Traveller.

Image Credit: Pixabay


  1. Well that's a rust monster, and maybe a stirge? How about a displacer beast?

  2. The first one is a rust monster. The second one is a wyvern.