Monday, February 17, 2020

More Vehicles - Bearcat construction vehicle

My son designed this vehicle using MgT's 2nd edition vehicle rules. I have included some CT-style flavor text.

Bearcat class Construction Vehicle (TL-8)

Chassis: Heavy Ground Vehicle
Spaces: 30 (15dtns)
Crew/Passengers: 2/0 (2 spaces)
Speed: Slow (Very Slow)/100kph (50kph)
Range: 400km (600km)
Agility: -1
Hull: 90
Armor: 2/2/2
Traits: Tracks, ATV (DM+2 to Drive checks when traversing rough terrain)
Armament: None
Equipment: Improved Control Systems (5000Cr), Heavy Crane (8 spaces, 
Max Load-10tns, 10,000Cr), Digger Blade (10 spaces, 25,000Cr)
Cargo: 2.5tns (10 spaces)
Cost: 220,000Cr

The Bearcat class multi-purpose construction vehicle is a rugged, reliable vehicle built for the settlement that's looking to expand. The Bearcat weighs 15 tons and has a crew of two. It moves on tracks, and has a maximum speed of 100 kph, and 50 kph off-road. When carrying a load, the recommended top speed is 20 kph. Its range is at best 600 km, but is typically transported to the work site.

The Bearcat can operate on a job site for 30 hours before recharging. It can lift 10 tons, or up to its own weight if special balancing weights are attached to the chassis. The digging blade can excavate 75 m^3 of earth per hour. 

A Bearcat at work
Backhoe not shown
This design may be used without attribution. However, if you do use it, please leave a comment to let us know, and how well it worked.

Image Credit: U.S. Navy photo by Rey Rabara [Public domain]

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