Monday, July 22, 2019

A High-Level Traveller Character

I have written before about High Level Play in Traveller, and what that might mean. Today I want to share a character I've created, to illustrate what that might look like. 

Here is the character, right after character generation finished:

Jackson Law     Age 22   7A87B5     Ex-Army Captain
Tactics-4, Rifle-1, SMG-1, CG Vehicle-0, Carousing-0
Cr 2,000        
Our good Captain. Still a young pup. That will change.

Quite the junior tactician, eh?  But out of the service after only one term. What's that about?  Was it because of his low SOC that the other officers didn't approve of the young man?  Well, could be a lot of things.

Skip ahead 20 years.

Now, during that period, Jackson adventured a lot. He also used the Experience rules to polish up his skill set. He also saved up enough to take a Sabbatical, and garner a brand new skill. 

Unfortunately, his health suffered from years of adventuring. He passed through three aging rolls and lost 2 points from each of his physical stats by the age of 42.

Now, at the mature age of 42 (equivalent of 6 terms) let's have a look at him:
Not a young pup anymore. Now far more capable and dangerous.

Sir Jackson Law    Age 42    5867BB   Ex-Army Captain
Tactics-4. Leader-2, Rifle-2, SMG-2, CG Vehicle-1, Carousing-1
Cr 200,000
Gear: TL11 Speeder, Combat Armor, Custom Rifle w/Electronic sights

Team of 6 Henchmen (seen in photo below) all Rifle-1

Team Law at a training event
At the head of a well-oiled machine.

Some PCs may want to be the head of a Merchant (or Star Merc) fleet, but Jackson's idea of moving up in the Universe was to develop himself. He's sharpened his skills. He has better gear, a good vehicle, and a dependable crew behind him. Some planetary ruler or other gave him an Knighthood and he owns land; in exchange for his military expertise.

This is a character who can be a force for good; someone who has made a mark on the subsector. At 42, he's still got years of adventuring time left as well. Maybe his next 4-year cycle will be Physical Fitness to counter the degradation of his stats. We'll see.

Author's addition 8-1/19:  I forgot to include Jackson's list of Contacts. The first 'year' of play I went with mostly random-roll encounters. There were lots of patrons on small jobs, and many Random Encounters. Several of those got Reaction rolls of 10+, and a few 12's. One of those was a Scout character and the two of them did odd jobs together for a while. They parted ways but stayed friends. After 20 years of adventuring, Jackson would have accumulated a long list of allies, friends and yes, enemies. The top name on the list is the ruler who gave him the Knighthood, but plenty of other grateful Patrons may respond with aid is Jackson were to call on them to return the favor.

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Young Jackson 
Older Jackson
Team Jackson

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  1. I'm of the opinion the CT rules are for generating adventurers, and a post war timeframe gets a lot of short time military personnel. A long time after the military would get a man that kind of skills.