Thursday, December 20, 2018

Starship Crews and Patron Saints

Saints preserve us!
Christians have had patron saints almost since the beginnings of Christianity. In this Advent season, I take another look at the Ancient Faith as it may be in the Far Future.

In the Church & Empire setting, there are untold thousands of saints. Many are revered on the world of their birth, or where they upheld the Faith. A small number are venerated across the Church, and of these there are several who are significant to those who travel in Space.
  • St Brendan the Navigator - patron of Navigators from the earliest days of space flight.
  • St Mamas the Guide - patron of Pilots, having flown 124 rescue missions into the most dangerous of conditions to the aid of disabled ships. She perished on the 125th mission.
  • St Anicetas the Physician - patron of starship medics, one of the founding doctors of the Mercy Ship fleet. He died at his operating table at the hands of hijackers.
  • St Edwin of Alejandro (Edwin the Poor) - patron of those who travel in Low Berth. Edwin always travelled Low, and prayed for the revival of other Low passengers. None were ever lost on a voyage with him present.
  • St Bessarion the Gentle - patron of Stewards, beloved for his wisdom in solving problems both temporal and spiritual.
  • St Aglaius - patron of Ships' Security, famed for his non-violent 40-to-1 defense of his ship against a pirate gang. All his crew escaped unharmed.
  • St Ketevan of Delphinus - patron of Engineers, famed for her piety, humility and gift of miraculous repairs of ship-threatening damage.
  • St Constantine of Isobello - patron of Merchants, famed for his unimpeachable honesty, and compassion
  • St Gorazd the Pilgrim - patron of deck crews, a Fool-for-Christ who often took working passage, accepting humbly the most menial of shipboard jobs
  • St Veniamov of Raritan - patron of Scouts and founder of 37 monasteries
  • St Anthimos of New Maryland - patron of ship's Chaplains, who lived aboard ships for 83 of his 96 years, never touching land. He is loved for his gentleness and spiritual insight which brought many to the Faith.
PC crewmen who comport themselves piously in their duties may in times of need call upon their patron for aid. The Referee determines how much of a benefit (usually in the form of a +DM) the PC will receive.

The various Services have their Patron saints as well. That's a post for another day.

All of these that are future saints, and products of my imagination, have taken their names from actual Saints of the Church. It is my hope that these venerated ones do not mind. By their prayers may I too live a Godly life in this world.

I would much enjoy having icons of these saints, but this would be improper. The writing of icons is a calling and a ministry in the Church; I have not been given the blessing to learn this ministry. Instead, let me share some of the saints who are dear to me:
A Blessed Advent and a Merry Christmas to you all!


  1. Wonderful! Even more great material for me to stea... ahem... "borrow". That's it, borrow.

    Thank you Mr. Weaver. For too many years I'd used religion in my games for nothing other than plot points or comic relief. That simplistic failing on my part meant my games and settings weren't as rich, nuanced, and realistic as they could have been.

  2. In "Space Cadet" following a training mishap, a mass calling for the intercession of St. Barbara is mentioned.