Friday, August 3, 2018

Defend the Homeworld!

Next up in the (irregular) series of vehicles for Traveller, a custom design from Striker, for ground defense against space-based threats (invaders, pirates and such):
After some discussion on G+, I realized I could have built this craft much more efficiently. So, the first one is the improved version, the original behemoth is second.

Sentry-class anti-spacecraft vehicle

Anti-space laser vehicle                                                                                                            TL-13
Nationality:                  Lanzhou
Dimensions:                                                                                         Cost(Cr):   9,460,881
Chassis:           length- 6.9 meters; width- 3.2 meters; height- 3.2 meters Wt (loaded): 280.4 tns
Turret:             length- 3.5 meters; width- 3.1 meters; height- 1.7 meters Wt (unloaded): 276.2 tns
Suspension: Grav                                                                               Ground Pressure:            N/A
Power Plant:     297 Mw, Fusion                                                                    Road Speed:            N/A
Fuel Capacity:              4000 litres                                                        Endurance: 8.98 hrs
Crew:               Total: 4; 1-Commander; 1-Driver; 2-Gunner(s);           Volume: 89.101m3
Passengers:                 none                                                                   Ship vol (dT):  6.4dT
Chassis Armor: Front-2mm[8], Sides-2mm[5], Rear-2mm[5], Deck-420mm[65], Belly-2.5mm[7]        
Turret Armor: Front-2mm[5], Sides-2mm[5], Rear-2mm[5], Deck-420mm[65]
1 x TL-13, 250Mw, BL, VM, Stp-2, DF-5.25/10.5/21, Pen-75/67/59, HB:+2, Sig:+16, Trgts-2, Crew-1, (turret mount)
Weapon Notes:             See notes below.
Obscuration Devices & Sensors                                     Location
1 x Prismatic aerosol                                                     chassis
1 x Smoke discharger                                                   chassis
Communicators                                                            Location
1 x 1000-km laser comm                                              chassis
Radar/Ladar     x 1000-pwr targeting radar                  chassis
1 x 1000-pwr radar jammer                                          chassis
1 x 1000-pwr counter battery radar[0/2+[+10]]          chassis
Visual, ECM, & Computers                                             Location
1 x TL9 Image enhancement                                        chassis
Environmental Controls:          
Miscellaneous Equipment:        Cargo:  4m^3              

Combat Statistics:       
Cross-country speed:   N/A            Amphibious speed:       N/A      Size DM's(high/low):            +2/+4
Move rates (road/x-country) in cm: N/A           
Grav Vehicle Thrust:                             0.37 G's                                                                              
Grav Vehicle speed: 420 kph (max)                  315 kph (cruise)                   105 kph (NOE)              
Movement rates (cm):                          350 / 263 / 88 
Turret weapon move eff:                                  move <=1/2 (no eff), move >1/2 (no eff)           
Chassis weapon move eff:                                move <=1/2 (ffp -4/efp-none), move >1/2 (no fire)

The Sentry-class mobile anti-spacecraft platform works in conjunction with Skysweeper-class radar vehicles to detect incoming hostile spacecraft. Once the target is identified, both vehicles go in motion to frustrate counter-battery attacks on the vehicles. (note the high speed) Multiple Sentries can connect to one radar vehicle and so coordinate their firepower.
The Sentry-class is technically larger than a standard space fighter, but significantly less expensive.
 First Try:
Sentry-class Anti-spacecraft laser vehicle                                               TL-13
Nationality:                  Lanzhou                                                                                              
Dimensions:                                                                                         Cost(Cr):            7,831,722
Chassis: length- 10 meters; width- 6.9 meters; height- 3.6 meters       Wt (loaded):      324.8 tns
Turret: length- 3.6 meters; width- 3.1 meters; height- 1.7 meters        Wt (unloaded):   323.5 tns
Suspension: Tracked                                                                Ground Pressure: 9 tns/m^2
Power Plant:     252 Mw, Fusion                                                Road Speed: 895/845 kph
Fuel Capacity:  3600 litres                                                        Endurance: 9.52 hrs
Crew:               Total: 3; 1-Commander; 1-Driver; 1-Gunner(s);           Volume: 267.372m3
Passengers: none                                                                              Ship vol (dT): 19.1dT
Chassis Armor: Front-9mm [25], Sides-4mm [11], Rear-4mm [11], Deck-20mm [29], Belly-2.5mm[7]
Turret Armor:   Front-4mm [11], Sides-2.5mm [7], Rear-2.5mm [7], Deck-20mm [29]
1 TL-13, 250Mw, BL, VM, Stp-2, DF-5.25/10.5/21, Pen-75/67/59, HB:+2, Sig:+16, Trgts-2, Crew-1 (turret mount)                                                                                                                     
Weapon Notes:             See notes below.                                                                                             
Obscuration Devices & Sensors                         Location
1 x Prismatic aerosol                                         chassis                                                            
1 x Smoke discharger                                       chassis                                                            
Communicators                                                Location
1 x 1000-pwr radio                                           chassis
1 x 100-km laser comm                                    chassis
Radar/Ladar                                                     Location
1 x 1000-pwr targeting radar                            chassis
1 x 500-pwr radar jammer                                chassis
1 x 500-pwr counter battery radar [0/2+[+10]]chassis
Visual, ECM, & Computers
1 x TL9 Image enhancement                            chassis
Miscellaneous Equipment:                                                                               
Cargo:  1m^3

Combat Statistics:
Cross-country spd: 448/169 kph                      Amphibious speed: 44.75[37] kph
Size DM's(high/low): +2/+7
Move rates (road/off-road) in cm: 746/704  373/141
Turret weapon move eff:                                  move <=1/2 (no eff), move >1/2 (no eff)
Chassis weapon move eff:                    move <=1/2 (ffp -4/efp-none), move >1/2 (no fire)

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