Friday, May 25, 2018

Session Report May 2018

In this session, we finally wrapped up the airship race. See this post for how the fight got started.

Blasterson chased one assailant out onto the catwalk and through a porthole. The assailant hit him with a Tranq gas grenade, but Joe shook it off. He dove through the window and chased him into the hallway when . . .
McGee remembered that he had an infrared scope on his laser rifle. He started shooting the invaders through the walls (I added a -DM for aiming at a heat signature instead of a visible target). It is hard to survive a laser rifle shot in CT. He got Joe's quarry in the hallway.

Reaper slashed and parried with the assailant who had stabbed Ca'al, until McGee shot him. Reaper was not pleased that the shot had come so close to his own head, and said so in a colorful tirade. Ca'al grasped feebly at the attacker's legs, and believed (until later) that he had brought his man down. 

Up in the rigging, Jay, fearful of hitting Longfinger with a shotgun blast, used it as a cudgel, but the assailant's body armor stopped it. So Longfinger dug his claws into him and vaulted backwards over the railing, pulling the assailant down with him.

Upon announcement of this move, the entire table stopped dead quiet.

However, Jay had not noticed that Longfinger had attached his safety harness to the railing. Jay looked down to see him hanging from the cable, the assailant gone. "Okay Jay, you can pull me up now." What, you thought he'd killed himself?

In Tawnee's cabin Landreth wrestled with the assailant but could not gain the upper hand. Suddenly Joe burst in brandishing an un-pinned grenade. When he asked the attacker if he wanted to find out what it did, the fight was over.

Steffi appeared from his cabin, seemingly unconcerned about the invasion of his airship. He explained diffidently that it was all part of the Game; the assailants were there to kidnap him off of the ship, which would have disqualified him from the race. The rules specified that the owner/racer had to be aboard the entire time the airship was moving. He was in no danger of being killed, that just was not done. What was left hanging in the air was his unconcern at the prospect that the PCs or Tawnee could have been killed.

The PCs now all hate the patron, and want to get away from him. The assailants were hired thugs from Lanzhou, and none of the PCs spoke Chinese, so they got no information out of them.

The PCs took the opportunity to acquire the remaining grenades ('he didn't need them anymore' - hey, can anyone here read Chinese?)

Oh, and Team Trendheim came in second, being edged out the Team Hokksen in the last two hours of the race. Somehow the Adequate Seven were not upset.


Everyone got paid, and awarded 100 shares of stock in Trendheim Enterprises, so they did pretty well for themselves.

Two players decided to create new characters.
Farewell McGee, hello Folo of Weston

Folo of Weston, the 'Savior of Dorus', TAS member
97897C    Age 34 Navy Captain, 3 terms
Navigation-2, Pilot-1, Computer-1, Medical-1, Vacc Suit-1, Engineering-1

Folo actually comes from outside of my TU - his ship suffered a massive misjump that threw him thousands of parsecs away from his home. He came to rest in the Empire and made a name for himself here. He is part of the household of the Duke of Bishor, who gave him his Barony (Weston).

Jay Maverick decided to take some time out, and go visit Sherriff Stapleton & Plunkett out at Jannus Hill, in Plancourt Barony. Next month his player will have a new PC, and once again, with the Space Princess thing:

Meet the lucky guy who's going to marry the Crown Princess of Talavera:

Jackson Stace, Lord Jakaje
9889BG    Age 42  Navy Captain, 6 terms
Pilot-1, Vacc Suit-1, Computer-2, Electronics-, Mechanical-1, Gauss Rifle-1, Cutlass-3 

He started off as a Baron, joined the Navy and hit the +1Social twice, got the Captain's SOC bump, and got the +2 SOC Mustering Out benefit. That's right, his SOC is now (16). The last boost was the result of him meeting the Crown Princess Fionella when he commanded her escort ship. 
Who doesn't love a Ginger Space Princess?

Because everything is better with Princesses. But before her father, King Roger XII will sanction the marriage, he's got a little quest for Jackson to accomplish. 

More about that next time. 

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