Tuesday, April 10, 2018

PC perspective of a game event

This story was written by Longfinger's player. It is from his perspective, where he refers to himself in the third person as Allistair.

Allistair walked into the club. He had spotted Stephy, and had seen him gambling his money, and his time, away. Allistair mentally rolled his eyes.
I've only been under his employment for a few days now, and I'm already utterly disappointed, he thought.

He walked over to him, noticing that Stephy was winning by more than Allistair cared to count. Looking down on him, he could see a very well executed poker face plastered onto the Baron's face.
"Good evening Captain. I don't mean to intrude, I just wanted to check up on you. The crew and I were a little concerned about you and Miss Tawny leaving the ship," whispered Allistair.

"Oh it's quite alright Longfinger, we're just relaxing a bit before we shove off tomorrow," replied Stephy in a half attentive voice.
Even more quietly, Allistair whispered in the Baron's ear,
"I'd also like to apologize for my earlier behaviour, I meant no harm to you in the slightest."
"Don't worry about it my boy, I understand your motives completely."

Stephy then turned his attention to one of his fellow gamblers, whom he seemed to know, with a confused look upon his face.
"Have you seen Tawny anywhere? She's been absent for twenty minutes," he inquired, although he didn't sound concerned.
The gambler shook his head. Allistair then saw a chance to be of service, for since the age of sixteen he had made a covenant with whom his people referred to as "The Gardener".

"I could fetch her for you if you'd like of me Captain," he offered.
Stephy merely shrugged and casually uttered, "If you wish."

Allistair then asked for something of Tawny's, so he could track her scent. He was handed a handkerchief left on her empty seat. The question caused the gamblers at the table to look up at him, as well as the people near enough to hear. Allistair shrugged off the reaction easily, especially since the gamblers finally noticed his unnerving mask-face. He lifted the handkerchief to his nostrils, inhaling the soft yet pungent scent of stale peppermint, incense, and sea salt. He closed his eyes, and could "see" Tawny's scent trail leading to the lady's room. He followed it, and detected two other scents, stinking of stress sweat and strange chemicals, mingling with Tawny's scent and leading it through the back of the club, and outside. He opened his eyes and dashed to the direction of the scents. He maneuvered around and out of the kitchen, reaching the back of the building. Allistair burst through the back door, just in time to see a hover car speeding away.

He darted after it as quick as his legs would allow. As he pursued, he realized that he would not be able to catch up to it by running, even if he was faster than humans. There was only one solution. He would have to shadow travel. Allistair looked at the shadow under the hover car and concentrated. He then jumped into the shadow of a dumpster and passed through the shadow realm. Within a second, he flew up through the vehicle's shadow, and latched himself onto the bottom of it.

I've got them now, he thought.
Before he acted however, he contacted the team of his whereabouts, the situation, and Stephy's location.

Now I can take proper action.

Allistair then pulled himself up, now hanging on the side of the vehicle. He looked into the right backseat window, and casually waved to the captor sitting in the back with an unconscious Tawny. The scoundrel alerted the driver, and the hover car lurched to the right in a feeble attempt to shake Allistair off like a dog shaking off fleas. Yet Allistair had plunged his talons into the side of the hover car. He was going nowhere. Thankfully, Commander McGee had had the brains to alert the local authorities, and soon a barricade was formed by police hover cars. The captor's vehicle screeched to a stop, and the two hoodlums flung open the car doors and bolted towards a nearby alleyway. Allistair, his instincts activated and adrenaline flowing through his veins, vaulted over the vehicle, landed on the pavement with a roll, and gave chase after the cowards.

He sprinted up to the slower one, grabbed his shoulders, and, using gravity as a weapon, flung him into the concrete street. He then jumped back onto his feet, running as fast as he was able. Yet Tawny's other captor was farther ahead.
Allistair tumbled into a nearby shadow. An instant later, he phased in front of the coward. The scumbag shouted in fear and began to skid to a stop but it was too late. Allistair close-lined his elbow into the captor's chest, knocking the wind out of him. He then grabbed the coward by the collar of his jacket and dragged him toward the police. He grabbed the second scoundrel, and, after nodding his head in greeting to the approaching officer's, threw them towards the authorities. He casually sauntered over to Tawny, who was getting out of the vehicle she was held in, clutching her forehead.

Allistair offered to escort Tawny back to the Baron. She nodded. So they walked back to the club, ever more cautious of danger. When Allistair presented her to Stephy, the Baron merely grunted affirmation, still focusing on his game.
"Are you all right Miss Tawny?" Allistair inquired.

Tawny shook her head no, but thanked him for his efforts nevertheless. Allistair saluted his two fingers, holding them up and slightly twisting them upwards above the brim of his cap.

Later, when Tawny was offered a ride back to the blimp, Allistair requested to go back as well.
I've had enough action for today

On their way back, the officer chaperoning the two remarked on Allistairs speed, saying that his apprehension of the two captors had happened within seconds. If Allistair could blush, he would have at that moment. All the same, he just wanted to go back to his cabin and think to himself for a while. It was the closest thing to sleep Shades could get.

To be continued...

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