Thursday, September 28, 2017

Lancaster Subsector

Why oh why oh WHY didn't I ever think to do this?  I grew up in Harrisburg, and 'explored' most of the Lancaster subsector as a young man. BeRKA over at the Zhodani Base has produced this very-close-to-home-brew subsector. Behold:

It didn't take four weeks in Jump to get to Baltimore in MY day!

 You can read about the Lancaster Subsector and the planets therein at the Zhodani Base: 


  1. Sorry for doing it first.

    When I got this idea, I knew I had to do it, and an adventure for a cool ship in this subsector as well.

  2. thanks for the link - an entertaining read

    1. On the other hand, Tales To Astound's enthusiasm for LBB Traveller has left me with a soft spot for maps Our Heroes can get around with the standard ships.

  3. Have you seen season-2 of Notorious yet?

    You might find the episode called "The Librarian" interesting: