Thursday, October 13, 2016

Freelance Traveller #77 is out!

I am a long-time reader and occasional contributor to Freelance Traveller, "the electronic fan-supported Traveller resource".  Imagine my surprise when, upon opening up the current issue (available HERE) I discovered that I got a very positive nod from Timothy Collinson, author of the "Confessions of a Newbie Referee" column about my blog! Thank you Timothy.

His column this month dealt with the question of incorporating religion into a Traveller universe, and he referred by name to my site. He appreciated my Orthodox perspective, and how "religion is thoroughly embedded in the setting and becomes a driver for much of what goes on even if the characters aren’t necessarily religious types."

He also highlighted the long-running Stellar Reaches site, whose output, in quantity and quality, puts me in the bush leagues. Really, if you're not reading Freelance Traveller & Stellar Reaches, you're missing out. Both are listed in my Other Traveller Sites list and Gaming Blogs list.

Game On!

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