Thursday, January 22, 2015

85 Reasons why CT rocks

Found on the web: 85 Reasons why Classic Traveller is Great!
From Daryen's Traveller Pages

My top five favorite reasons, in no particular order:

# 1 Shotguns in SPACE!
  From Aliens to Firefly to Honor Harrington, slug throwers belong in the far future. They work, and will continue to work. The Imperial Armed Forces Vehicle Guide, Altair Subsector volume 3 (a third-party Traveller supplement) covering armored vehicles made the point this way - "lasers can be defeated in a number of ways (reflec, aerosols, etc), but the only thing that will stop projectile weapons is armor, and LOTS OF IT." Traveller has never embraced the handwavium of personal 'force fields' or 'shields', so the bullet-firing weapon remains supreme. Also # 75 - lasers that weigh a ton and slugthrowers that don't.

# 84 Andre Norton, Jack Vance, Larry Niven, Issac Asimov, Edgar Rice Burroughs, et al; I can adventure in or steal from their universes as I please and Classic Traveller has the flexibility to adapt their visions to adventures!  Not to mention this: 

All your Sci-Fi Are Belong to Us.

# 35 Characters who start knowing a thing or ten and don't need to 'gain levels'.  I have written before about my appreciation for Traveller not going the route of XP-quests and 'leveling up'. 

# 68 Social Status as a major attribute. And people calling you "Sir" or "Your Grace". It is good to be Noble. 

# 9 Lack of minute details, thus encouraging creative play.
# 10 Two little dice decide everything. 

As compared to the D20/Modern system that has to have tables, modifiers and rules for everything. Too restrictive for me! 

But I came back as an NPC!

 Really, it's not the worst thing that could happen.

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