Tuesday, November 25, 2014

When you don't want lethal force - stunning weapons

There are lots of reasons to not kill NPCs in Traveller, chief among them PC's or player's convictions on the issue of deadly force. So there should be some options available. However, non-lethal weapons are a tricky proposition – how does one inflict enough force to disable a target without doing too much and killing the target instead?
The Classic Traveller Adventure Divine Intervention (Double Adventure # 6) calls for non-lethal force serving the purpose of the mission, and so the patron introduces the stun carbine, utilizing some kind of high-frequency or high intensity sound waves. 

The adventure text says the initial Tech Level for these weapons is 15. In my TU, I say it's TL 12. The higher tech level makes reasonable sense to me, given the difficulty I mentioned above, but I also want them to be more widely available, which allows us to avoid having to resort to this:

Set Fist to Stun!

For the conscientious adventurer, I present this selection of stun weapons. The first is taken from DA6, the rest are my extrapolations. Normal weapon or brawling skill should be used to provide the skill DM.

Stun Carbine
Minimum Dexterity 5 (-1) Advantageous Dexterity 9 (+1) Cl/ -4 Sh/+1 Md/-2 Dmg 1D-1 Stun 3D=<END 700 mm, 3.5 kg 3,000 Cr (power pack Cr 1,000)

Stun Pistol
Minimum Dexterity 7 (-1) Advantageous Dexterity 10 (+1) Cl/+1 Sh/+2 Md/-4 Dmg 1D-2 Stun 3D=<END 100 mm, 1.5 kg 1,000 Cr (power pack Cr 500)

Stun Rifle
Minimum Dexterity 5 (-1) Advantageous Dexterity 9 (+1) Cl/ -4 Sh/+1 Md/-2 Dmg 1D-1 Stun 3D=<END 800 mm, 5 kg 4,000 Cr (power pack Cr 1,500)

Maximum range for stun weapons is Medium. All armor DMs are 0, except Stun weapons are ineffective against targets in Vacc suits, Combat Armor or Battle Dress.

Stun Gloves (TL 12)
Weapon reference - cudgel. 1 kg, 10 cm, Minimum Dexterity 4 (-2) Advantageous Dexterity 8 (+1) Cl/+0, Sh/ +0, Md/No // Jack/+0 Mesh/ -2 Cloth/ -3 Ref/Abl/ -1 Vacc suit or Battle Dress/ No Dmg 1D-1 Stun 3D=<END
Cr 400 Battery packs 100 Cr for 15 charges.

Stun 3D=<END means the target must roll his END or less on 3D or become unconscious for 10 minutes. Stun weapons do inflict damage even if the stun effect is avoided, however by the first blood rule the stun weapon may still cause unconsciousness. 

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